My Theories


1. Here’s my theory on the evolution of man on earth. Every five thousand years the Earth is devastated by a disaster that almost wipes out all life. Once by water, perhaps caused by a major shift in the Teutonic plates. Once by Fire, possibly a meteor shower or large asteroid hit or even another shift in the Teutonic plates that cause wide scale volcanic eruptions. Once by extreme shifts in temperature: freezing in some climates and scorching heat in others. After each catastrophe the surviving humans form small isolated groups that have to redevelop everything that was lost.

2. UFOs are more evolved humans that had been on long term missions in space that were not affected by the destruction on earth. These more advanced humans provide some technology to the isolated groups in the hope that they may develop some new technology that can prevent the destruction. Some leaders of the world have known about the advanced humans and the destruction for years but do not reveal this to the masses because it would cause wide scale panic and feelings of doom.

3. It is not unfair to say that Aztec culture was overwhelmingly eschatological in a way that can only be rivaled by early Christianity. The Aztecs, like the Mayans, believed that the universe had been created five times and destroyed four times; each of these five eras was called a Sun.

a. The first age was called Four Ocelot (for it began on the date called Four Ocelot). Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror) dominated the universe and eventually became the sun disk. The world was destroyed by jaguars.

b. The second age was Four Wind, dominated by Quetzalcoatl (Sovereign Plumed Serpent); men were turned to monkeys and the world was destroyed by hurricanes and tempests.

c. The third age was Four Rain, dominated by Tlaloc (the rain god); the world was destroyed by a rain of fire.

d. The fourth era was Four Water and was dominated by Chalchihuitlicue (Woman with the Turquoise Skirt); the world was destroyed by a flood.

e. The fifth era, the one we live in now, is Four Earthquake, and is dominated by Tonatiuh, the Sun-God. This age will end in earthquakes.

f. Everything is a conscious entity and is aware of its observable Universe. This includes but is not limited to mineral, plant, and animal. Everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest of the Universes is aware and alive. Nothing ever dies, we just change form. Each entity is also a Universe into itself. We know that this is true but most of us are unable to except it. Each of our cells are individual Universes, our Universe is a cell of another Universe. This goes on to infinity in each direction, not just forward or backward in a two dimensional observation, but into an infinite number of directions/dimensions that we do not accept as “reality”.

g. For hundreds of years we have been on the wrong path towards enlightenment. All you need to do is look inside of yourself to know the truth. It’s not easy to “see”, but if you look deep into the hidden parts of your mind you will find it. This does not require a belief in any God, or anything other than you. Also, believing in a God does not stop you from seeing the truth. There is only positive or negative, not good or evil, right or wrong, but just a positive or a negative action or reaction.

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