From the inside looking out


1. As far as I know these are the current theories about the universe(s) are:
a. they are flat within 1 degree,
b. there are an infinite number of parallel flat universes that are separated by a fraction of an inch,
c. a few variations on string theory,
d. and my own as far as I know is that everything in the universe is connected to everything else in the universe by a string or force that runs through every proton, neutron, quark, and gluon. Mine is sort of a variation of string theory and parallel universes combined into one with connections (worm hole, fold in the fabric, whatever) into others. An heretofore undiscovered type of electromagnetic gravitational force decides how things appear to us as various objects.

2. Physicists are still trying to find how atoms, molecules, elements combine to create anything, especially humans. I also understand that some physicists believe that the space between objects in the universe is what is expanding (the example I remember is a balloon being inflated that has dots on the surface of the balloon), and that eventually there will be much greater distances between everything we know; however, what I question is why are there so many apparent exceptions to this theory; such as, black holes, asteroids, our own bodies.

3. I say our own bodies because supposedly everything that appears to be solid is really made up of more empty space than solid matter. For every theory there is an equal and opposite theory.

4. One of the latest theories that I am having a problem excepting is that matter apparently is sucked into a black hole but it isn’t actually sucked in and disappears, but that the “information” (matter) of the objects that seem to go into the black hole are simply “pulled apart” and that “information” remains as particles swirling around the rim of the hole. That might not be exactly as I remember it being presented but pretty close I think. When I post I don’t mean to seem like an expert on anything, except for looking at things from a different view point.

5. I believe there are an infinite number of Universes, Dimensions, and/or Realities. Each action in one causes at least another one to be created. At a level below elementary particles everything is interconnected throughout all of the Universes, Dimensions, and Realities. “Data” travels through this interconnection at a speed faster than light and this “data” determines how the particles are combined to form everything. Each particle contains “instructions” as to what its role is at any specific moment. These “instructions” are like a library (DNA/RNA) of everything that has ever happened and each particle can “replace” any other particle. In my mind this is very clear; however, I am not able to accurately transfer my thoughts into words.

6. Do you require proof of everything before you will believe it exists, that it is real, or that it was ever real or that it even existed at one time? Can you prove to, let’s say, an individual that you are never going to meet in person that you are really who you represent yourself to be on tumblr? How are you going to prove that? Do you actually exist? Why should anyone believe that you are real? Do you actually know if you are real? How do you prove to yourself that you are real? No one will answer this, but that is OK. I already know all of the answers anyway. 

7. Each of us exists in our own Universe, nothing else knows what you perceive: just as you do not know what goes on inside of anyone else’s mind or in their Universe. The Universe or the Cosmos is defined as being all that is observable; we all observe different things (which include both physical and immaterial thoughts). I believe this is much more than Solipsism. I know, most of us don’t bother to read past the first sentence, and we don’t care about anything that doesn’t have a direct impact on our lives. Expand your mind and you also expand your Universe, which means that your chances of finding a compatible mate. Oh, well. I still like to put my thoughts into writing. Somewhere this data is being backed up to a medium, as long as that exists then I will continue to exist.

8. Everything is a conscious entity and is aware of its observable Universe. This includes but is not limited to mineral, plant, and animal. Everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest of the Universes is aware and alive. Nothing ever dies, we just change form. Each entity is also a Universe into itself. We know that this is true but we are unable to except it. Each of our cells are individual Universes, our Universe is a cell of another Universe. This goes on to infinity in each direction, not just forward or backward in a two dimensional observation, but into an infinite number of directions/dimensions that we do not accept as “reality”. For hundreds of years we have been on the wrong path towards enlightenment. All you need to do is look inside of yourself to know the truth. It’s not easy to “see”, but if you look deep into the hidden parts of your mind you will find it. This does not require a belief in any God, or anything other than you. Also, believing in a God does not stop you from seeing the truth. There is only positive or negative, not good or evil, right or wrong, but just a positive or a negative action or reaction.

9. I have an emptiness inside that will never be filled again. I have felt emotional pain that made me wish that I was dead so that the pain would go away. I still feel that pain. There is no hope for my future, but I still take one bad day at a time. I don’t know if I have ever actually been happy. I thought that I was happy at one time but that changed forever a few years. At that time I could put on my smiley face and tell everyone things were great and couldn’t be any better. I was such a liar. I used to have several different personas depending on who I was interacting with; such as, my or mom and dad (now passed away), my sisters, people older than me, people younger than me, me teachers, people in authority like judges, police officers, etc. I have another for people that I am attracted to, and another for those that I don’t find sexually attractive. Why do I play these games? Why can’t I just do and act the way I really feel about things and people. Is there any place on earth where I can be myself all of the time? I can’t even be honest with myself most of the time.

10. I can “see” inside of my body: all of the organs, the veins, the arteries, the brain, the muscle tissue, the bones, and all of the individual cells.

11. I can also project my consciousness outside of my body. I can see myself and everything around me, from above or from a 360 degree view. Strangely I can’t see anything from below. I can zoom out or in at will. I can instantaneously travel outside of our solar system, our galaxy, our universe, or the complete cosmos.

12. There are trillions upon trillions upon trillions of parallel or alternate universes and time lines. Each movement anywhere in a universe causes another universe that follows a similar but distinctly different universe. Mostly the universes are close to being the same. You may or may not exist in many of the universes, until you die or if you weren’t born in a particular universe.

13. The way I picture it is sort of like the string theories, except instead of string, I picture magnetic tape like an old cassette tape. The tape is wrapped like a ball but none of the tape touches any other part of the tape. It is one continuous tape that makes these loose balls of tape every fraction of inch or so. The balls of tape are also only a fraction of a fraction of an inch from all of the other balls. Every so often for some reason the tapes actually touch, I believe those areas are what is speculated to be worm holes, or time warps, or maybe even black holes.

14. I believe life is very flexible, you control your future. If you can, just try to enjoy the moment you are in right now. You’re not on a schedule unless you want to be. Try just taking a deep breath, try to realize there are other people that feel in a similar way, you are unique and do not have to fit into a mold, peg, or box. I have to admit I am having a lot of the same issues as almost everyone else. I still struggle with the question as to what my purpose in life is suppose to be, maybe we just don’t have one or even need one. You don’t have to find your career on the first try. If you don’t like what you’re doing or the school you go to you can change it. Might not be easy but no one can force you to do something you don’t want to do.

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