Just the facts


1. I am totally sane in an insane world
2. I like big dogs but I don’t like little dogs Update: I do like some little dogs now.
3. I am afraid of sharks but I love snakes and spiders
4. I have seen into the future at least once
5. I love science but I don’t believe everything that is presented or assumed to be “facts”
6. I doubt any one religion but I believe in parts of almost all of them. The older the religion the more I believe in it. Is there a God or Gods? That depends on what your definition of a God is.
7. I do not believe everything that is written or heard or seen
8. I am amazed by everything around me, both the natural and the supernatural
9. I dislike very few individuals, I “hate” no one, and I love many
10. It makes me physically and mentally ill when I hear someone putting someone else or their views down, both: “individuals” and “groups”.
11. I had my first sexual experience at 10 or 11, but I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18.
12. I have a high level of social anxiety, especially in class rooms or meetings but once I start talking about something I tend to dominate the conversation.
13. For most of my life I thought I was about average in intelligence, now that I know that I am bipolar I understand why sometimes I felt smarter than everyone else, but then I would feel dumber that everyone. I would say my common sense is way above average.
14. I normally prefer to start out as an observer until it seems that I have no choice but to intervene when the discussion no longer makes sense or has drifted way off point. Technically, I like to lead from behind. I do not want to be in the spot light or have the responsibility.
15. I think that all women are attractive in some way: eyes, lips, hair, legs, butt, breasts or attitude. Actual physical attributes have very little to do with someone being cute, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, or sexy. It’s like the same great novel being wrapped in different types of packaging, some can make the package look fantastic, and others just wrap it in newspaper and masking tape.
16. I have always been a selfish person, I don’t mean in a material sense but in a mental way. How was this or that going to impact on me, before thinking about how it would affect others?
17. I have always loved spiders, snakes, and just about any kind of animal except for sharks. I am really afraid of sharks. I blame the first Jaws movie.
18. I believe that I see the Universe and everything that it is made of in a totally different way from anyone else. Part of it is that every person, plant, thing is in its own Universe nothing else experiences the same things so therefore each observes everything in totally different ways.
19. I have people that I interact with, but I am still totally alone.
20. I want to be able to instantaneously roam the Universe at will, with no concept of time or death.

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